Cancellations & Absences

All cancellations due to weather or unforeseen issues will be rescheduled the following Sunday. If that Sunday falls on a long weekend it will be scheduled the following Sunday. Times will be provided. If you cannot make a rescheduled class, you may join a different class of any genre at the same level thru out the week (arrange with the office). We will notify any cancellations via email, and on the Imagine Studios Facebook page (don’t forget to like us and join us on Facebook)
**Please inform the office if your child will be absent**

Dress Code

To provide the best possible training, we ask that the students please come dressed in the proper attire for each class. During class time please do not wear baggy clothes or jewellery. Hair must be properly pulled back off the face for all classes. All ballet and pointe students must have hair in bun.
There are no exceptions.
Imagine Studios is not responsible for any lost or stolen property. Leave all valuables at home!

**All students are expected to strictly adhere to this dress code, those who don’t will be asked to sit out of class.






Creative Movement/Pre-Primary/Primary: Pink body suit tank/sleeves/spaghetti strap, pink tights, leather full sole ballet shoes, ballet skirt is optional

Grade 1 and up: Black body suit (tank or spaghetti style),pink tights, and split sole canvas ballet shoes, ballet skirt is optional

**Hair tied neatly into a bun. No pants, No shorts, No ponytails

Intermediates/Seniors only may wear plain black shorts



Any colour body suit, black jazz pants, and black slip on tap shoes. Students may wear warm up shirts that are appropriate for class. Intermediates/Seniors must wear split sole slip on tap shoes


JAZZ: Any colour body suit, black jazz pants or shorts, black slip on split sole Oxfords (some dancers may need to purchase beige split sole Oxfords depending on dance). Students may wear warm up shirts that are appropriate for class .

**No tie up shoes.


LYRICAL: Any colour body suit, tights, Jazz pants or jazz shorts, dance paws.


HIP HOP: Clothing that is comfortable to move in, jazz sneakers or indoor running shoes, and hair pulled back from face.


ACRO: Any colour body suit, tank top, capris, shorts, no loose clothing, bare feet, and hair in low pony tail or braid.


HIGHLAND: Any colour body suit, t-shirt, shorts, white knee high socks, hair pulled back from face, Ghillies

Payment options for the recreational program

Option #1: 9 post-dated cheques must be dated the 1st of every month (Sept-May). All cheques must be handed in on or before the first day of classes. Please make cheques payable to Imagine Studios

Option #2: 2 instalments cash, debit, credit or cheque dated Sept 1st and Jan 1st. Both cheques must be handed in on or before the first day of classes.

Option #3: 1 instalment cash, debit, credit or cheque dated Sept 1st. Cheque must be handed in on or before first class.


**Monthly cash, or Credit payments must be approved by the director Melissa Lee-Keating**

Costume Deposit and Registration Fee

There is a $50 costume deposit required; this is the first payment towards the dancer’s recital costume. Additional costs for the costume will apply in April ranging from $10-$60.
There is a $10 registration fee for all new dance students.
The costume deposit and registration fee are collected upon registration and are non-refundable.


Will be held at Showplace Performance Theatre, tickets will be $20 each person, tickets sold in April.

Refunds and NSF Fees for the recreational program

Registration fees and costume deposits are non-refundable at any time. There will be no refunds for the 2015/2016 dance season after December 15th, with the exception of a serious illness or injury that does not allow the student to continue with their classes. This includes post-dated cheques.
A $40.00 charge will apply to all NSF cheques.

Studio News

Stay in Tune with all events throughout the dance season.
Please check the website or read the bulletin board, located in the lobby to keep you updated.
Check out our website at and join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Our Studio Environment

We have a zero tolerance for bullying, please be respectful to each other and the faculty. Let’s have a fabulous dance season!



Let’s do our part for our planet! Please remember to recycle this includes Starbucks cups, Tim Horton’s cups, paper, plastic, cardboard frozen dinners, etc. Please rinse out containers before putting items into the bin. It gets pretty yucky!

Please help keep our school stay clean and safe!



Thank you, Melissa Lee-Keating